Nest protect

A US based company called nest have innovated with a smartphone integrated smoke and CO2 detector. It has tonnes of neat features such as it speaking to give you a heads up it has detected smoke rather that just going straight into a loud alarm (great for false alarms). It lets you wave your hand to silence and lights up when you’re walking past at night.

Not only that it’s integrated with a smartphone app which will alert you if there is a problem when you are out of the house. Apparently, the battery will last a year as well which is a nice surprise.

I have one at home now and have to say it is a great addition, it gives you peace of mind that all is well at home (no fire is good right!). The other feature which I must say is actually really useful is the way it lights up at night, no more turning on loads of lights at 3am when wandering to the kitchen for a glass of water. Having a CO2 detector also gives me additional peace of mind especially just having a baby. It does look pricey when you initially look at it but considering all the features it’s not too bad.

Also, take a look at the other internet enabled devices the smoke alarm and nest thermostat can work with, it’s pretty comprehensive and amazing to see what you can potentially do > pretty cool eh?

Retails at $99.00 US or £89.00 UK and available at