Zuli smartplugs

Home automation utilising your smartphone is a fast-moving area of technology at the moment. A company called Zuli Inc are developing smart plugs which work with Bluetooth low energy and use location based automation to track your movement around your home. Think about your lights as an example, and when you leave a room they automatically turn on and off as you enter and leave your living room being one way they can operate.

The possibilities for this are endless, saving electricity is one immediate benefit that I can see with real-time and historical energy metrics. Also, no more having to manually switch lights on and off which let’s face it is something while minor would be nice not to have to do. Having dimming and remote control while you are not home over your smartphone are also another couple of benefits.

Initially, control will be provided via IOS, no doubt an Android version will follow.

The one downside I see is that you would have to keep you phone with you at all times in your home to use the product? I think it would be better suited to smart watches which with the way the market is probably going to be addressed by Apple, Samsung and others.

Zuli are currently looking for funding via Kickstarter and have nearly hit their target. Definitely, one to watch, I’m sold already!