Why PC gaming is not dead

I’ve been a massive gamer most of my life, starting on a ZX81, C64, Amiga, and also having consoles along the way as well with fond memories of my Sega Megadrive, Dreamcast , Playstation one and two, and also my Xbox 360 which currently sits under my TV  sadly gathering dust.

Consoles for the vast majority of people are great, but having gamed on PC for years, and being a lover of first person shooters (FPS), I have never found a games controller to be as responsive as a mouse, which has been a frustration, it’s just sluggish in comparison and something I have never been able to get over. Also on overall the technology front, I find that PC’s are on the cutting edge of breakthroughs in graphics and other hardware improvements as they become available.

Then I get to the games, PC gaming has always been great for FPS’s, I have been playing the Battlefield and Call of Duty series way before consoles got a look in, which is just a couple of games out of hundreds that broke through on PC years before any other platform. From a gaming innovation perspective, Minecraft as an example was huge before being ported to console, and there are many titles like Dayz and Rust that are in that early stage of development at the moment that one day will probably make the same console transition Minecraft has.

Beta games are also another area that PC gaming has also innovated recently, with gaming studios allowing users to buy early access to alpha and beta builds of games. This allows the gaming studios to get much-needed feedback as the game is being built, and build up a base of loyal players who are willing to pay hard cash to play the titles even though they have bugs and are not finished.

The one area PC’s have been stuck has been hardware innovation, but this is currently changing and I believe we are about to see a resurgence for the platform. Valve’s Steam OS is a genius move, it’s
addressing one of the issues that stops PC as a platform making the transition to entertainment hub in the living room which will then address a much wider audience.  Combine that with Steams huge marketplace for games, and the cost of PC titles versus console games which is substantial,  you then start to have a platform that should prove highly attractive.

You also have the likes of Oculus Rift the virtual reality headset which will gain a lot of attention, and I feel really is one of the biggest things coming this year which is really exciting for PC gaming. Rumour has it that Steam are already working on a VR Friendly Steam interface for Oculus – (Link).

All in all exciting times ahead, 2014 is going to be a great year for PC gaming!