My favourite chrome extensions of 2016

In a never-ending mission to optimise how I work and to make my life easier I’m always trying new chrome extensions out, so I thought I’d drop a few down here that I currently have installed that are my current go-to favourites for a better chrome browsing experience!


If you use the likes of Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook and need a really easy way of queuing posts Buffer is by far the slickest tool to use by a mile. One click on any page allows you to add it to your buffer queue, you can also Buffer images as well, really useful! With Buffer the queued content can be set to post for you around the clock ensuring you are getting exposure to your followers.

Install Buffer


I started using Evernote a few years ago mainly for meeting notes so I can access them anywhere as opposed to the old school notepad and pen method! The other feature is that you can save any web page and file it away in your Evernote account for future reference. Evernote lets you tag everything you save so you can find it again easily, it’s by far the best note taking app I have used to date. Evernote is cross-platform, so all of your notes are available on Android or IOS. The only drawback is that Evernote recently started to charge for the app which is fair enough, the cost is not unreasonable for how useful it is.

Install Evernote Web Clipper

pushbullet-logo - Copy

This app is pretty unique and very useful, it enables you to send a file between devices quickly with no email! Say you have taken a photo on your phone and you quickly need to share it with your PC or laptop, Push Bullett lets you send the file instantly to the device, on PC it will download via your chrome browser. It also connects to your phone so you can send SMS similar to IMessage. You can also connect with friends for quick file transfers, not something I use though.

Install Push Bullet


No brainer this one if you have a Chromecast, send any web page to your TV, simple and really easy to use!

Install Google Cast


The free version of this app checks for spelling and grammatical mistakes, if like me you spend a lot of time writing in apps like Evernote, WordPress and others it’s a great way of ensuring you are on point especially if you type at a million miles per hour, definitely one of the better grammar checkers I have found, I can’t yet justify upgrading to the paid version, but I will say it had improved how I write! Get a free premium trial here

Install Grammarly


Again another no brainer, highlight a word and click the icon for an instant definition, simple and effective!

Install Google Dictionary


The internet is a great thing, but it can be distracting as hell! I have lots of shortcuts in front of me, facebook, Linkedin, Gmail and others are just a click away, one slip in concentration and you find yourself knee deep into facebook forgetting about what you were trying to do. Strict Workflow utilises the Pomodoro technique of 25 minutes of focused activity, followed by a five-minute break. It blocks out a list of websites so the usual suspects like Facebook and others that you can add. If you get easily distracted like me, give it a go!

Install Strict WorkFlow

UBlock_Origin_logo - Copy

I’ve been using adblockers for ages now, in particular, AdBlock was working fine, but recently I noticed that the internet seemed slower than usual both at home and work, Adblock seemed to be the culprit, removed it and things we flying along again, So I did a bit of research and found uBlock Origin, which has a focus on a light footprint with minimal RAM and CPU usage. So far I have no complaints, it’s as good as AdBlock from a filtering perspective.

Install uBlock Origin

dashlane logo

With all the well-publicised hacks that keep happening and the hundreds of sites I have used over the years having the same passwords (as you do), I realised I was at risk of  getting my details compromised at some point. I had a good look and tested out three password managers, LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane. DashLane came out in front for me by a long shot, it’s a great looking tool, easy to use, integrates across multiple platforms Mac, PC, Android, and IOS. DashLane gets you to a place where you don’t even need to know your password for the vast majority of sites you log into, it even logs you in saving you having to click the button. one nifty feature is the ability for it to change your passwords at a click of a button, it does all the hard work, this is especially useful! I’ve taken a more in-depth look here

Install Dashlane


Being a sales guy HubSpot is a tool my employer provides for email tracking. It inserts an invisible image into emails and when the email is opened HubSpot sends you an alert via Chrome. It is useful in sales as it provides you with the ability to get a heads up when a customer is reading an email or proposal you have sent across so you can strike while the iron is hot. on the flip side it’s also useful to know if someone has not opened your email, sneaky but cool!

Install HubSpot for Sales


A new tool from our friends at Google, it simply allows you to save URLs to your inbox to read later. I’ve only started using this recently and so far so good, I’ll keep it installed and see if I continue to use it.

Install Inbox by Gmail


Brighten up your new tab background with a beautiful time-lapse landscape video, this is one of those extensions that adds some bling to Chrome, it looks awesome and they change the videos on a regular basis so you don’t get bored.

delight for chrome

Install Delight for Chrome

You can also have things like your most used links, weather and other bits added to the screen. The videos change regularly so it’s not static, I get asked about this one in the office all the time, do take a look!

stayfocused-logo - Copy
A hardcore alternative to Strict Workflow with many more options to stop distractions. You can set how much time, which days, challenges to allow yourself the time to view the likes of facebook etc. One thing I like is that it even stops you from trying to cheat by disabling it. The reminder is also funny when you try to view a blocked site it states “shouldn’t you be working”, I face palm myself every time as it’s always right! 🙂

Hopefully, you find some of the above useful, if you have any you feel I should check out drop a comment in the section below!