My favorite twitter tools

I’ve been an avid social media user over the years and have had some success in building up pretty decent following on Twitter and plenty of connections on Linkedin. I’ve tried pretty much all the tools I’ve been able to find, so I thought I’d share my experience for all those who ask me and anyone lucky enough to find this on Google. These tools you can quickly build up your followers and get relevant content out around the clock.

Tweepi logo
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Having assessed  tools that allow you to mass follow and unfollow users, Tweepi is definitely one of the more user-friendly and productive tools I’ve come across. With Tweepi you can follow any users followers or friends, around a 100 at a time. So unlike the usual method od adding one user at a time you can fast track your follow and unfollows. In order to do this, you need to ensure you add the Tweepi chrome plugin so save you having to click users individually, this is a massive hack but gets you to where you closer to your goals quickly! The monthly fee is reasonable for what Tweepi helps you achieve, it’s a great tool if used wisely, but you’ll get results quickly.

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So you have a bunch of followers, now it’s time to start loading up content to drive engagement and raise your profile. Buffer enables you to schedule posts to be delivered 24/7, you don’t have to be constantly online posting, so yes you can have a life! So far I’ve found the free tier to be sufficient. Also, get the chrome plugin so you can send content to your queue as and when you find good content to share with your followers.

Click to visit IFTTT

If you have not heard of IFTTT (If this then that) you’re in for a treat. IFTTT is a tool that can automate tasks between apps for you, as an example you can setup an RSS feed to be automatically posted to your Twitter or Linkedin account, thus removing you from having to lift a finger. This is a massive time saver! IFTTT is also cool as it integrates so many applications, you can create your own recipes to connect apps.

Click to visit Google News

Google news allows you to set up custom news feeds, so whatever you’re into you can create a news feed for it. Once that is done the nice guys at google also enable an RSS feed for that custom feed. Take the RSS URL and feed it to IFTTT for an automated content feed.


With all of the above and some time and effort, you can build up a pretty decent following 🙂

Have you found any other tools really useful? Leave a comment below.