Nvidia cannot find compatible hardware fix

I recently had a complete nightmare thanks to a Windows 10 update. Admittedly I am on the Windows preview so kind of been asking for something to go wrong, that’s the risk you take. So just in case someone out there gets the same issue as me, and to save you going through the pain I had, here’s a breakdown of what went wrong and the very quick fix!

What went wrong?

I completed a windows update to the latest preview version, after the update, my Nvidia graphics card disappeared from device manager completely leaving me with only being able to use the on-board Intel HD graphics card. I tried to reinstall the Nvidia driver thinking it may help but you get a “Nvidia cannot find compatible hardware” error.

I guessed it would have to be caused by one of the following,

Motherboard > Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H (rev. 1.0)
Graphics card > MSI 970 GTX
Windows 10 professional

Two things came to mind,

1. WTF Microsoft!
2. My card had died 🙁

So I went off and read a ton of sites to try and figure out what the problem was, with the idea of trying to resolve it. Device manager was not picking it up so I decided to reinstall Windows 10. As a side issue this then threw up one issue that Windows 10 would not install to by C drive due to it being an EFI partition despite formatting, luckily I found this video that helped to fix that, as I had to convert it to GPT.

The fix!

Really simple this, and it would have saved me having to reinstall Windows 10 and the time involved, simply reset you CMOS! Turned out something and I am guessing the Windows 10 update screwed with my BIOS as it was simply not recognising my Graphics card.

I hope that helps someone out 🙂